Chapman Start Up (Multilingual Solutions) seeking partner to write Business Plan

Aaron Bluestein & Jon Levin

Multilingual Solutions


Looking for an Intern

Want to be part of something exciting starting at the ground floor?


Brief Description

We are looking for an intern, specifically a business student or a student with experience writing a business plan. The candidate should have taken at least the introductory business school classes and be capable of putting together a plan based on research and information that we will help provide. This application is intended to receive funding for a start-up that we plan to grow out of seed money if we are successful presenting it to the K5 Launch funding committee. You may be able to arrange to receive credit for doing this with your advisor. At present we can offer a commission-based compensation package with the aim of creating a full-time, salaried position for the right candidate who has demonstrated a capacity to collaborate in business development.

The Entity

Multilingual Solutions, evolved from Language While You Work, which enjoyed many years of success by bringing English language learning classes to companies that hire a large number of immigrant workers or second language speakers. It is our belief that by learning English, workers will be happier, more productive more readily promoted and reduce recidivism for the company. Between us, we speak seven languages, but have little experience in creating business plans. We need someone who can pull together comps and help us define deliverables and create a realistic timeline. The two principles have over two decades of teaching experience and are in the process of creating new curricula while seeking out new prospects in the greater Los Angeles Area.

Contact Information

Aaron Bluestein                                   Jon Levin

626-497-4320                                      251-490-4456      

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