Digital Media Center-Graphics/web design

Internship Opportunity


The Digital Media Center (DMC), an economic development program of Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) and a Santa Ana College (SAC) instructional center, joins technology, business and education under one roof.  Through its technology Business Incubator, the DMC is currently home to 14 entrepreneur Residents and 5 Affiliate members, who receive business support services such as free consulting, access to capital, and networking opportunities.


Location: Digital Media Center – 1300 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704


Payment: Volunteer


Job Summary: Graphics/Website Design Intern

The Graphics/Website Design Intern will work closely with the DMC’s Director to develop ideas and create computer graphics to support the branding strategies of entrepreneurial companies.  The intern will also manage and update company’s website, and content posted on plasma monitor. Hours are flexible and can be accommodated around student’s school schedule.


  • Comfortable working with computer graphic design tools and website development (i.e. photoshop, HTML5, etc.)
  • Graphics creativity and art talent
  • Ability to provide computer support when needed
  • Good communication and writing skills


Students will learn:


  • To use their graphics and website talent in a technology business environment
  • How to pitch their art ideas to marketing and business oriented individuals
  • Manage projects and meet deadlines
  • How to work effectively in a team-oriented environment


To apply for this great opportunity, please contact Dr. Gustavo Chamorro at 714-241-5810 or via e-mail at and cc


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