CouponEX Software Developer Intern

Software Developer Internship


COUPONEX is a pioneer in developing real time on demand intelligence, which is all about leveraging information for more efficient and effective business decision making. We are setting out to revolutionize the coupon industry to benefit Consumers, Retailers and Manufacturers with Couponex universal coupon card system, which includes our patented technology.


The company is a resident of the Rancho Santiago College District’s (RSCCD) Digital media Center (DMC) business incubator program, making this a great opportunity to work in a world class program that develops cutting edge media technologies.  Interns will be interacting with top professionals in the business development, web development, graphic arts, publishing, marketing, public relations, legal and education fields.


We are seeking a Software Developer Intern who is self-motivated, and who has a passion to solve real-world problems while enhancing quality of life for others.  The Software Developer Intern will work closely with our CTO and with other experienced developers to enhance our patented technologies. Hours are flexible and can be accommodated around school schedule.  Also, all work will be credited toward school projects or credited school hours, if applicable.


  • Major in Computer Science
  • Ability to write structured maintainable and scalable program codes in C #, VB.NET and/or ASP.NET and SQL Sever
  • Web development experience is a plus
  • Good communication and writing skills


Compensation: Possibility to receive equity based on level of contribution and dedication.


To apply for this great opportunity, please contact our founder, Martin Nguyen at

949-727-7027 or via e-mail at and cc 

1300 S. Bristol Street, Suite 246. Santa Ana, CA 92704


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