Dream It Alive Programming Internship

Company Description :
DreamItAlive.com is an online community dedicated to helping people all over the world
create, believe and live out their dreams using virtual Dreamboards. It’s a place for
those who want to get inspired, find purpose and live life to the fullest!
Learn more about here: http://www.dreamitalive.com/About.aspx
Intern Duties/Responsibilities:
Duties will include the following but not limited too:
1. Working with dotnetnuke skin files.
2. Working with 3rd party APIs.
3. Assist in Unit Testing using NUnit/Selenium that thoroughly test all of the different
aspects of Company’s main website.
4. Working with a web-based follow-up system.
5. Assisting others with various other coding projects.
Educational Requirements:
● Currently pursuing a degree in a related field (computer science, computer
engineering, software engineering, mathematics, etc.) and
● Signed up with a school internship program.
Skills, Training or Qualifications:
● Working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
● Development experience/CS foundation with C/C++, Java.
● Experience of web applications with extensive HTML and JavaScript. ● Experience with server side languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails, and ASP .NET is a
Time Commitment:
Commitment will be in line with school internship program. Hours must be scheduled
during regular business hours (Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.).
Benefits Available to Intern:
Although this is an unpaid internship, students and recent graduates are offered an
excellent opportunity to:
● Build resumes and explore career options.
● Apply skills and knowledge to the workplace.
● Develop and expand their professional portfolios.
● Fulfill college/university course credits where applicable.
Additional Information:
Please submit your resume and cover letter to ash@dreamitalive.com and dominick@gaitan5.com


About Rob

Graduate Assistant - Chapman University Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship Co-CEO - The Benefactor Foundation Producer - Times Infinity Entertainment
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