Mozatros Marketing Internship

Job Title:  Journalist Intern

Company information: is an online news bureau designed to help the general public monetize their video and photo content by selling it to media outlets.

In a nut shell imagine this: Take the idea of eBay, put it together with the concept and what you get is the concept of for news and news-worthy content.
The company is looking to find the right intern to become part of this exciting venture and learn from its founder, a former news bureau chief.

The company is an affiliate of the Rancho Santiago College District’s (RSCCD) Digital media Center (DMC) business incubator program, making this a great opportunity to work in a world class program that develops cutting edge media technologies.

Location: 1300 S. Bristol Street, Suite 246. Santa Ana, CA 92704

Payment: For Credit

Job Summary:
The Marketing Intern will work closely with the company founder on the configuration and administration of the company’s web servers and at the implementation of its marketing strategy.
The ideal intern is a multi-task person, willing to wear many hats as this position will open up to many potential rewards.

Hours are flexible and can be accommodated around student’s school schedule.


  • Current enrollment in a university or college with the completion of two years of classes in marketing, communications, public relations, or journalism.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Experience with social media – Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn, Viddy, blogs. Etc.
  • HTML and website development skills.
  • Programming skills a plus.
  • Good attention to detail.
  • Good communication and writing skills.
  • Strong interest in the world of news broadcast and print media
  • No prior employment experience is necessary

To apply please contact Daniel Nicolas at &


About Rob

Graduate Assistant - Chapman University Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship Co-CEO - The Benefactor Foundation Producer - Times Infinity Entertainment
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