Your Animal’s Best Friend Internship

Are you a business student who loves dogs and needs a great internship opportunity? If yes, Your Animal’s Best Friend’s Any Time Care is a great place to apply! Our organization is located in Huntington beach and manages various dog and pet care services including dog walking, dog sitting, doggie day care, and boarding.

As our organization continues to grow and prosper, we are in need of help from a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and high energized business student. Prior pet related experience managing pets is preferred however this is not a requirement. Internships at our business will depend on the business concentration of the interested student. We will work with candidates to custom create internships that are beneficial for both the student and our organization.

We have opportunities focusing on marketing, public relations, accounting, entrepreneurship, and overall business management. Marketing opportunities will include working with the owner to fine tune the organization’s marketing plan, executing the marketing plan, networking with other pet care businesses for possible co-branding opportunities, managing our social media, creating the facility’s new retail store front, and helping to plan, promote, and manage special events for the facility.

The goal of all event planning is to increase our current client base. Students with business management and entrepreneurship concentrations will participate in some the above listed marketing projects, but would also have the opportunity to learn the rest of the business.

One of our 2012 goals is to reduce our overhead operating costs. Our business is growing, however our profit margins are not increasing as quickly as desired. This indicates a need for a thorough investigation into how we can reduce our variable costs. One of our student projects includes a full encompassing cost reduction analysis, with a focus on our gas consumption. As our organization and gas prices grow, so does our gas bill! We spend many miles on the road driving to client’s homes for dog walking and to drop/pick up dogs for doggie day care or boarding. We need someone to help us better understand this variable cost as it is one of our largest.

An additional entrepreneur/business management student project requires a comprehensive industry analysis to better understand how our business compares and competes. This would include identifying our largest competitors and how they have successfully grown their businesses. An example of a topic included in this analysis is pricing. Our organization could potentially benefit from a possible new pricing strategy, however before we attempt something like this a thorough analysis is required. Lastly, our profit organization is very interested in starting a non-profit section of our organization.

We have aspirations to pull dogs from kill shelters, socialize them and find them forever homes. In addition we are also interested in creating an indoor, socialization friendly, and membership exclusive non-profit dog park. Many dog owners struggle bringing their dogs to their local dog parks due to the lack of membership requirements.

We have identified that dog owners are seeking a safe environment for their dogs to experience the right kind of play and socialization. Membership requirements would include proof or vaccinations, making our non-profit indoor dog park a safe place. We are at the beginning of this process and would greatly benefit from the help of an entrepreneurship student.

This internship is for-credit, starts immediately and hase flexible hours.  To apply email Dominick at the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship at


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Graduate Assistant - Chapman University Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship Co-CEO - The Benefactor Foundation Producer - Times Infinity Entertainment
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