Artemis Search Partners Internship

Artemis Search Partners is looking for 1 intern to start immediately.

Job Description:
Artemis Search Partners looking for a natural leader who possesses characteristics that embody our company. Candidates must be passionate, dedicated, entrepreneurial, highly communicable, forward thinking, and able to manage many different projects at once in order to be considered for the Intern position. Every Intern will receive mentoring sessions. Those who impress will receive recommendations, referrals, and guidance to secure their dream career with Artemis or within our LARGE network of company contacts.
Responsibilities:Interns will be responsible for the facilitation of planning, directing and coordinating the operations of Artemis Search Partners. Artemis is looking for Interns that can focus on many of the following:

  • Developing leadership standards and best practices for Artemis Search Partners (i.e. best practices for social media use, marketing, amendments to internal documents)
  • Contributing content to collateral materials (i.e. newsletters and web content)
  • Managing the company’s Social Media
  • Participating in creative projects for the company
  • Researching target clients
  • Data mining and research projects
  • Developing processes using Microsoft CRM data base
  • Managing company hardware
  • Developing process and managing company files both in cloud and hard copies

Contact Dominick at the Leatherby Center at to apply.


About Rob

Graduate Assistant - Chapman University Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship Co-CEO - The Benefactor Foundation Producer - Times Infinity Entertainment
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